Organic dried dates – the exotic superfood that’s bursting with natural goodness

Organic dried dates – the exotic superfood that’s bursting with natural goodness

Organic dried dates are a particularly popular treat during Christmas and New Year. Yet, did you know that this exotic superfood is also flush with essential nutrients, including natural fruit sugars, fibre, vitamins and minerals, which offer a range of important health benefits that can be enjoyed all year round?

Organic dried dates

Organic dried dates – at a glance

Dates are a variety of stone fruit that grow on the date palm and are thought to have originated in Iraq. Cultivated for between 6000 and 8000 years, dates are harvested during November and December, and are typically eaten fresh or dried. The ancient Egyptians made a delicious wine from dates and Muslims, who believe that consuming dates on a regular basis can help to repair and cleanse the liver, traditionally break their fast during Ramadan with a meal that begins with dates.

Organic dried dates are free from cholesterol, low in fat and sun-dried in order to retain an optimum number of beneficial ingredients, which are examined in more detail below.

Organic dried dates – flush with essential nutrients

Dietary fibre

Organic dried dates are loaded with soluble and insoluble fibre, which actively promotes healthy digestion and can help to relieve constipation. According to the NHS, both types of fibre are necessary as part of a balanced diet – dietary fibre encourages a regular bowel movement, helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer and also leaves us feeling fuller for longer. As a result, organic dried dates are an effective tool in the battle against weight gain and obesity.

Natural Fruit sugars

Their natural fruit sugars (including glucose, sucrose and fructose) make organic dried dates a powerful energy booster that’s surprisingly low in calories.


In addition to natural fruit sugars, organic dried dates contain a number of vitamins that help to release energy from the foods that we eat, including vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5 (aka Pantothenic acid). Organic dried dates are also a valuable source of vitamin A, which strengthens our immunity, prevents infection and aids vision, and vitamin C, which helps to protect and keep our cells healthy, is necessary for the maintenance of healthy connective tissue and aids in the healing of wounds.


Organic dried dates contain large amounts of iron, magnesium and potassium. Potassium improves the speed and alertness of brain activity and helps to maintain a healthy nervous system. Scientific research has also linked potassium intake to lowered blood pressure and a reduced risk of stroke. Magnesium assists in the conversion of food into energy and acts as a gentle laxative. Iron helps in the manufacture of red blood cells, and is commonly used to prevent and treat anaemia. Organic dried dates also contain a quantity of organic sulphur, which studies have revealed is helpful in the reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.

Additional beneficial ingredients

Date palm oil (extracted from dates) contains the sex hormone, estradiol, as well as flavonoids, which are both linked to an increase in libido and are responsible for the fruit’s reputation as a natural aphrodisiac. Indeed, a 2006 study indicated that date palm oil demonstrably increases sperm count and motility.

Organic dried dates – make a regular date with this exotic superfood

An especially filling snack between meals, organic dried dates boast a sweet and fruity flavour that tastes utterly delicious when added to breakfast cereals, trail mixes and rawfood recipes, such as raw chocolate, cakes and desserts. So, isn’t time you made a regular date with organic dried dates?

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