Some Like It Salty: Is Himalayan Crystal Salt So Much Better Than The Common Salt?

Some Like It Salty: Is Himalayan Crystal Salt So Much Better Than The Common Salt?


Pink himalayan salt has taken the health world by a storm. From the cool and trendy himalayan salt lamps to luxurious bath salts, pink himalayan salt has perhaps received its much deserved attention. But is himalayan salt that much more beneficial than regular or table salt?

As it turns out, this beautiful pink-hued salt is loaded with health benefits and beats the regular salt by a mile in that standard! What’s even more exciting is its reasonable price tag. Read on how this affordable, at-home remedy can alleviate some of your everyday symptoms.


What is Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan pink salt originates from salt mines located below the infamous Himalayan Mountain Range, lending it its name. Though it is often referred to as pink salt or pink himalayan salt, it can be pink, white or reddish in color. Pink himalayan salt is sodium chloride, which is a mineral that is of great importance and is necessary for human to maintain optimal health.

Pink himalayan salt contains over 84 trace minerals including selenium, calcium, zinc and magnesium. When compared to the table salt, pink himalayan salt is a healthier choice and is more balanced. It does not contain any artificial anti-clumping additives and is mostly unprocessed. While table salt is highly processed, pink himalayan salt is one of the most pure salts available. What is even worse is table salts are often bleached to give it its white hue.

Himalayan Salt Benefits

Pink himalayan salt is truly one of the best forms of salts on the market. Some of its health benefits include:

Detoxifying Soak

Most of us have heard of brine therapy or salt bath, which is a great way to draw out toxins from your body and deeply cleanse the skin. A salt or brine bath can cleanse your body energetically as well. Pink himalayan salt is arguably the best salt to use if you want a pure yet powerful detoxifying bath. It can also help clear pores as pink himalayan salt aids in drawing toxins out of your skin which could dull your complexion. This healing and therapeutic method of soaking in pink himalayan salt warm bath can cleanse, purify and detox your body and energy without breaking the bank.

Master Cleanse

A great way of using pink himalayan salt is to use it as a liquid detox. If you are familiar with colon cleanses, you may want to give this a try. Simply dissolve pink himalayan salt in a glass of water and drink it for a safe and effective way to cleanse your colon and detox your body.

Also known as “master cleanse”, “salt water cleanse” and “salt water flush”, drinking a mixture of water and pink himalayan salt can improve your digestion and can support waste elimination. Salt water cleanse would aid in pushing out toxins, waste and heavy metals that have been present in the colon over time because of poor bowel movements. This cleanse can also offer relief for those who suffer from low energy, inflammation and more serious issues due to digestive problems.

Air Purifier

Another clever way himalayan salt is used is as a lamp. In this form, it may provide cleaner air for your home or office. True to its nature, himalayan salt is able to attract water molecules as well as any impurities the water molecules contain. As the lamp heats up, water will evaporate quickly while the salt will trap the dust, pollen, allergens and pollutants in the air. Adding a lamp or two in your home may offer major relief if you suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma. If that is not enough, salt lamps also make a great decorative piece for yourself or a friend.

Supports Weight Loss

A natural way to aid weight loss without the fear of side effects is the Himalayan pink salt. According to a few reports, people have reduced weight when they switched to the natural salt for their diet instead of the white table salt. This salt can be used just like the white salt: in flavoring, marinating, seasoning, preserving, etc. Another very popular method of using pink salt to promote weight loss is using Himalayan salt sole.

Supports Thyroid and Adrenal Function

Salt is necessary for numerous biochemical processes. Chief among many is for our adrenal gland and thyroid gland function. For those suffering from adrenal fatigue, your low-sodium diet may be the culprit. Lower levels of sodium in the blood lead to a decrease in blood volume.  

Pink himalayan salt contains a plethora of trace minerals that are necessary for optimal body function and to flush out toxins from the body, including selenium, magnesium, zinc and sodium. Studies have revealed that selenium deficiency and sodium deficiency could cause adrenal exhaustion. Hence, himalayan salt can aid in restoring the normal functions of adrenal glands.


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