The best way to lose weight quickly

The best way to lose weight quickly

There is a definite hint of spring in the air, which means that summer is fast approaching. Yet, if your dreams of that well-earned two weeks in the sun are slightly marred by thoughts of how you’ll look on the beach this year, then you need to discover the best way to lose weight …and fast!

Best way to lose weight fast

The best way to lose weight quickly

It can be notoriously difficult to shift those extra layers of fat that may have kept you warm throughout the cold, dark days of winter, but won’t leave you looking your best in your favourite bikini. As a depressing 98 per cent of all diets fail, the best way to lose weight quickly clearly doesn’t lie in the latest fad diet. In fact, the only way to benefit from sustained weight loss is by enjoying a varied diet that cleverly incorporates a range of natural superfoods, carefully chosen for their fat burning capability… coupled of course, with lots of regular exercise.

So, how can you harness superfoods to achieve a slim figure and healthy self-esteem in time for the holidays?

The best way to lose weight quickly No.1 – boost your thyroid function

The best way to lose weight fast is by turning up your thyroid function and ultimately your metabolism. The thyroid is a large gland responsible for the manufacture of a hormone called thyroxin (or T4 for short). Your body converts T4 into another hormone known as tri-iodothyronine (aka T3), which stimulates the metabolism by encouraging your cells to burn fat for energy. In other words, the more active your thyroid, the more fat you burn… ergo the more weight you actually lose. Indeed, those who suffer from ‘hypothyroidism’ (an underactive thyroid) are much more prone to obesity. And, unfortunately hypothyroidism is likely to affect one in five of us by the time we reach 60.

In order to boost your thyroid function and subsequently lose weight, you need to supply your body with plenty of iodine. Although iodine is essential for the production of both T4 and T3, currently some 75% of all adults don’t obtain enough of it from their diet. Excellent natural sources of iodine include sea vegetables and kelp. Alternatively, you can take a liquid iodine supplement to bolster your intake.

Due to its high triglycerides content, coconut oil can also be used to help speed up your metabolism, making the fragrant superfood a potent weapon in the battle of the bulge.

The best way to lose weight quickly No.2 – decrease your insulin resistance, increase your insulin sensitivity

Another great way to lose weight quickly is by decreasing your insulin resistance and conversely increasing your insulin sensitivity. Don’t worry; this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Essentially insulin facilitates the entry of glucose into your body’s cells, where it is converted into energy instead of being stored as fat. Your body obtains glucose from carbohydrates, so if your diet is high in carbs (or sugar) you need to create much more insulin to process the extra glucose, which can disrupt your metabolism and trigger weight gain. This condition is often referred to as ‘insulin resistance’ and, in addition to marked weight gain, can result in energy dips, depression and intense cravings for sugar. Left unchecked it may even lead to diabetes.

The most effective way to decrease your insulin resistance and thus increase your insulin sensitivity is by consuming foods known to stabilise blood sugar levels. Try superfoods such as chia seeds, which score remarkably low on the glycaemic index and can help slow down your absorption of carbs, thus balancing your blood sugar levels. Or luscious raw cacao. Raw cacao is particularly high in magnesium and chromium, both of which help stabilise blood sugar levels and are scientifically proven to promote weight loss.

The best way to lose weight quickly No.3 – enhance your diet with L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine (sometimes referred to as carnitine) is a powerful substance manufactured by your liver and kidneys. Carnitine helps turn fat into energy, allowing you to maintain a healthy weight as a result. Recent research revealed that oral carnitine can actually reduce fat mass, increase muscle mass and reduce fatigue, which in turn encourages significant weight loss. A further study revealed that patients supplemented with L-carnitine witnessed an increased glucose uptake of some 8%.

The best way to lose weight through increasing your L-carnitine levels, is by enhancing your current diet with superfoods naturally rich in the stuff such as Brazil nuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. You can also reinforce your intake of vitamin C (which your body requires to produce L-carnitine) by enjoying a range of delicious superfruits including goji berries.

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