The Story of Cosmetics

The Story of Cosmetics

As you know, we like to avoid stuff. Unnecessary stuff. And definitely “bad” stuff. We believe that the stuff we own should nurture and support our lives. Not create clutter, cause stress, or poison our bodies and the environment.

So it probably goes without saying that we are huge fans of Annie Leonard and her Story of Stuff Project. This summer she added a new video to the Story of Stuff series: Cosmetics. It’s a real eye opener. Check it out!

She had a great follow up article on why they created the video too.

“We believe in a better way. We believe it’s possible to get rid of the toxins and still have a thriving healthy cosmetics industry with abundant opportunities for small businesses. We believe the best thing for the whole American economy is to move away from the old polluting technologies in chemistry and energy and develop the next generation of clean, green products that people around the world want to buy.”

We couldn’t agree more!