Wheatgrass — love living food - by Ruth Allen

Wheatgrass — love living food - by Ruth Allen

I love the seasonal shift at this time of year. Nature is profuse in her bounty — my morning walks are joyous as I come home with pockets full of acorns, hazel nuts, exquisitely coloured leaves and rosehips.
Nature is my temple, a sanctuary of solitude, offering time to listen, to receive the fragments of wisdom that emerge from the nights dreams. Darkening evenings offer snugly times of reading and listening, enveloped in the dimming light and the fading memories of summer. I feel my whole being seduced within. As Persephone spirals deeper into the underworld, so we are gifted this time of inner journeying.

It is a time to attune and reconnect with our mystery and our ancestral wisdom.

Babies don’t say thank you, they know they deserve that they are in flow with life. They anticipate milk in the breast and warmth in the lap. They give back through their beauty, their pranic communion, which reminds us of our own soul expression. Animals give appreciation by their way of being, and plants give through their beauty and their offering for our nourishment.

Over the years I have listened to many people sharing about various diets and living foods and I have witnessed my own mind talk around it all. My perception is that much of the on-going detox that people talk about has much to do with emotive turbulence that is encountered as the body lightens. I am not suggesting there is no physical cleansing, for there certainly is. How that manifests is very much dependent on our lifestyle choices before living foods.

Choosing predominantly living foods does not necessarily equate with ‘instant enlightenment’. As the body lightens, the tenacious hold of past demons, patternings, and conditioned hardwiring are also freed into the myriad corridors of mind. Autumn is a wonderful time to shed the residue of the past. Just as nature clears and cleanses at this time, so too can we harmonise with her choices.

Look outside your window; watch the trees yielding without struggle as they are stripped of their foliage. Trees are such wise teachers reminding us that it is safe to let go, to stand naked, to hold the posture of emptiness and know that they are beautiful without their foliage. The trees know that more leaves will come. In our own ‘letting go’, we also can find our grounded empowerment, our magic of strength as we feel trust.

Living food is part of a holistic expression of our humanness. It’s one of the many keys which deal with the gross vehicle through which we express and deepen our communion with spirit. I sincerely believe that the physicality of detox can be lessened considerably through a journeying into the deeper vibrational tendencies that keep us enmeshed in indoctrinated ignorance and mindlessness.

I don’t feel there are any real issues between cooked and non-cooked food. I really don’t feel that eating live foods is a difficult choice. I do believe there are huge issues around how we have been raised not to believe in our abundance and our worthiness to ‘be’. The perceived difficulty is not so much in choosing optimal foods, but in allowing ourselves to live life alive.

A lot of detox is about our inner battle with not being able to accept that we deserve to embrace the prosperity consciousness of our human birth with all its potential expression to deepen our relationship with God. Remember disempowered and fearful people are too busy stroking their own wounds to recognise the truth of violation through the media, junk food and education system.

My personal perception is that living foods can been taken as ‘the be all and end all’ of life rather than just being seen in harmony and perspective. When the rain falls, we wear a mackintosh or take an umbrella — an action which seems so sensible and makes life a little more comfortable. Living foods makes life more joyful — it’s a choice that is part of the dance. Let’s breathe into optimal food choices, without the neurosis and all the cliché words associated with the journey.

We deserve to explore the optimal potential of our life’s expression. Living foods might be part of that exploration or they might not, but our bodies deserve a huge array of live whole foods. If the choice is to steam vibrant greens as well as sometimes juicing them or making them into a smoothie, then that’s okay.

I don’t buy into the notion that all fired food is poison. My body mechanism can feel more deranged by taking a mix of weird combinations in a live food recipe than it does in a plate of steamed greens. It’s about balance and keeping our choices in harmony with all about us.

It is of course true that we are the only species that cooks our food but we are also the only species that has such power of choice and thought. I no longer entangle my egoist personality in the raw food debates. I personally feel it’s about wise consciously-aware choices. I definitely plug into the concept that it’s more about what we don’t eat than what we do and also how much and at what times of day.

In my opinion, the core issue is that most of us fear joy — we fear abundance and most of all we fear the part of ourselves that dances into expression when we live life alive. In our society we are as frightened of life as we are of death. Celebrate who you are and dance into your abundance. As we don’t quite sustain the cute snugly prana smile of babies, we do need to say thank you – thank you for everything in our lives, for this moment, for the smiles we radiate, for the passion of life we all share. For the space we share together, we appreciate.

Om Shanti.

Ruth Allen

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