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Crystal Whole Food Salt Fine by Jeveda

Jeveda Crystal Salt Rocks (Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt)-


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High-Quality, Delicious, Whole Food Salt with 84 Elements!


Contains: 1 kg. or 2.2 lbs.


Image result for check mark Absolutely Great Tasting Food - Just Try It and You'll Know.

Image result for check mark Natural Minerals, Trace Elements and Living Energy - Fully Crystallized Salt.

Image result for check mark Finely Milled with Granite Stones - Free of Steel or Nickel Traces. 


Himalayan Crystal Salt is whole food nutrition, providing minerals & trace elements, and a storage medium for life force energy.

Himalayan Salt benefits balance the fluids in your body, support proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

Natural Crystal Salt is food, much like fruits, vegetables, grains, and water. Himalayan salt benefits essential nutrients, with exceptional abilities & qualities that are fundamental to keeping us alive.


Use this great tasting salt for seasoning your meals.

Because natural Himalayan Crystal Salt is a whole food, your body instinctively knows how to use it. It does NOT CAUSE high blood pressure (that's a stress management issue). Its full spectrum of elements is sure to enhance all your food.

Regular consumption of Himalayan Crystal Salt provides your body with natural minerals, trace elements and living energy. This will balance the fluids in your body, support proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.


Other Himalayan Salt Benefits


Your health and vitality will be renewed and maintained.

The energy from the Himalayan Crystal Salt can harmonize your acid-alkaline balance, and normalize your blood pressure. Brine Therapy and other Himalayan salt benefits can also dissolve and eliminate sediments that lead to stones and various forms of inflammation in joints, kidneys and gall bladder. You may also find cravings and addictive desires diminished. Many skin disorders may clear up, by cleaning your elimination system from the inside out.

Crystal Salt was once called "King Salt" because it was reserved for Royalty. Common folks only got Rock (amorphous) Salt.

The Crystal Salt is of the highest vibrational quality available. It manifests a superior structure, making its inherent energy & elements readily available for your cells.


The most beneficial, cleanest salt available on our planet.

Consuming natural Himalayan salt supports and enhances good health with required companions of sodium chloride including potassium, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. Together, these minerals and trace elements keep things is balance: when they are not present in sufficient amounts, many life processes are impaired.

Refined table salt is an unnatural, isolated substance. It causes many illnesses. Healthy, vital life is not possible without a proper balance of minerals and trace elements. Refined table salt contains just sodium and chloride ions, while the full spectrum crystallized salt includes the original 84 elements. Table salt lacks many important life supporting nutrients that our bodies require for proper functioning.

  • Absolutely great tasting food - just try it and you'll know.
  • Natural Minerals, Trace Elements and Living Energy - fully Crystallized Salt
  • Finely milled with granite stones - free of steel or nickel traces



Himalayan Crystal Salt with 84 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements.

Our salt has been hand mined from a small mine in northwestern Pakistan, sorted, brine washed, sun dried, and milled in our facility under the HACCP standards for food grade products - high standards for cleanliness. We use the old fashioned milling technique with granite stones and wood parts.

Directions for Use

Freely season any food with Himalayan Crystal Salt. Your body will instinctively know how much to use. High blood pressure is caused by stress, not by salt.


Recommended Use

Whole food nutrition (not industrial waste - sodium chloride, table salt), providing minerals & trace elements, and storage medium for life force energy. The most beneficial of the himalayan salt benefits is that it's the cleanest salt available on our planet.



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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How is pink salt beneficial for your diet?

    Pink salt, also referred to as Himalayan sea salt, rock salt and Himalayan crystal salt, contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. True, high-quality pink Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts you can find. Pink salt is known to improve respiratory health, as salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucus clearance, and can remove pathogens in the air like pollen. Pink salt is also said to have a direct effect on the pH level of your blood, since it contains sodium and other electrolytes. A healthy acid to alkaline pH level can help strengthen your immunity and aid good digestion. Daily use of pink salt is also believed to stimulate your digestive organs, balance stomach acid and support the production of digestive fluids in your liver and pancreas. Another well-known benefit of pink rock salt is that it can act as a natural air purifier, as salt is known to attract water and other pollutants in the air like pollen, dust and allergens. Moreover, including enough sodium in your diet is key to a good night sleep as it is a natural sleep aid.